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Connecting Worlds

The entry to a building is about connecting worlds. It is that moment of peace between the busy, public outside world and the more private, branded, inside world. In no area is this moment more important than in retail. Living in a fishbowl society such as ours, customers need that quiet moment to reset their mind and mood to the world they are about to enter.

With a long heritage in providing entry solutions, Boon Edam is an authority on connecting worlds and we know how to ensure a sense of welcome. Over the years we have seen the world, and the role of the entry evolve. With sustainability, security and technology gaining importance the entry has become a way of monitoring the movement of people, a means to entertaining and informing them as well as a means to ensure the safety and security of both staff and customers.

Meeting and balancing all these requirements is not an easy task. Moreover the mix of requirements will differ depending on your market segment and strategy. We have developed an extensive system in which we work together with you to determine what requirements are most important for your retail facility, not only taking into consideration goals concerning sustainability and functionality but emotion, intelligence and client management as well. Using the experience and expertise that Boon Edam has gathered over the last 140 years, we use proven solutions in our product range as a starting point to create unique and perfect entries for you.